Affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists

Southampton Advanced Motorists is a registered charity. Charity number 1053191

Southampton Advanced Motorists in Hampshire operates on a voluntary basis and is one of the larger Groups affiliated to the "Institute of Advanced Motorists" (IAM).

The Group provides free introductory drives for members of the public who would like to have an initial assessment of their driving ability. The prime task for the Group is organising observed drives for Associate Members who are preparing for the IAM Advanced Driving Test. The Group has an excellent record in Associate Members passing the test at their first attempt.

Observation Challenge
Why not take a look at our new observation challenge and see if you can spot those unexpected hidden hazards. Click here to take the challenge.
Free Introductory Drive
Have a free taster session with one of our observers who will accompany you and assess your driving ability. This is just a taster of what is on offer when you become an official member of the Southampton Advanced Motorists. For more info, see Q4 in our Advanced Driving page.
Test Day Tips
To find out what your examiner is looking for on the day of your test and to pick up some other useful tips to help you succeed, go to the Advanced Test Tips page.

Why not take the challenge now and discover where those hidden, less obvious everyday hazards are?

Become a more confident driver and spot the hazards, then become more aware on the road. Observation Challenge.

Free tips from our very own experts here at Southampton Advanced Motorists.

Do you want to become a more confident driver? Have a read, the chances are you will learn something new. Better Driving Tips.